Activities - Co Curricular Activities

Apart from extracurricular activities, the school provides opportunity for the students to develop their personality. To ignite our children's minds, and to initiate them in different activities, we have the following clubs.

Tamil Ilakiya Mandram & English Literary Association

To develope the originality, creativity and awareness of the language.

Bharathi's Youth Parliament

To make the students more responsible towards society and train them in leadership qualities.

Bharathi's Quiz Club

To create an interest in things happening around them and to activate their memory and power of thinking.

Bharathi's ECO Club

Bharathi's ECO ClubThe primary need of the day is to create an awareness in the students towards nature and make them realize the necessity to preserve our environment.


TaekwondoTo enable the students to learn a martial art, Taekwondo has been introduced to the students of Standard. VI and VII


Regular yoga classes are conducted for classes, from Standard. I to Standard. V. From Standard. VI to XII, yoga training is given for a fortnight in the beginning of the year.


Hindi is taught from Standard. I to V as the third language. Students of Standard. IV will appear for the "Paritchaya Exam" (Foundation course in Hindi) and the students of Standard. V will appear for the "Prathmic Exam".


The school has a tie-up with a reputed University and conducts a certificate course for the students of Standard. VIII

Salient Features of the Course

  • The students become the students of the University simultaneously
  • The students can enrol this certificate in the employment office