Bharathi Matriculation Higher Secondary School

The School has taken its name after Subramania Bharathi (popularly known as ‘Mahakavi Bharathi’) pioneer of modern Tamil poetry, a fiery independence activist, a remarkable social reformer, and journalist. He is an archetype of revolutionary thinking, modern ideas, the invincible spirit of freedom and courage. Bharathi Matriculation Higher Secondary School is a quintessence of his tenets in letter and spirit.

Spanning a timeline of half a century since its inception by Mrs. Jaya Chinnasamy in 1971, Bharathi Matriculation Higher Secondary School has been making formidable strides in the field of school education in the Coimbatore district by bringing out of its portals, responsible and promising citizens who have proved their mettle and have made their mark in multifarious fields.

Bharathi has always been a paragon of progress and has nurtured the academic ambitions of all the aspiring students who have their roots strongly placed here. It has provided a solid foundation and developed the grit to outshine in every student who has identified with this institution.

Every block added to its infrastructure has footprints left on the pages of the school’s history telling volumes about the batches of ambitious minds it has fostered.

Having been led by illustrious academicians and competent administrators, the school has the best interests of its students at heart and soul. Stepping into the Golden jubilee of its genesis in 2021, the institution has evolved and incarnated a new vision to lead the change, be the substance and leave a legacy.